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Implement Information Technology Initiative with Napa Analytics

Empowering Schools/Institutions with the Best Cloud Data Ecosystem

To enjoy the industry-leading performance, analytics, availability, and security, upgrade to the most advanced Oracle Database technology. Napa Analytics helps you move data warehouses to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for excellent performance at a reasonable cost.

Oracle Cloud ERP Partitioning enhances the performance, manageability, and availability of larger data warehouses. It improves query performance as it only works on relevant data. It also enhances availability via individual partition manageability and lowers costs by appropriately saving data.

Napa Analytics Capabilities

Napa Analytics can help your public school districts by ensuring ongoing support and resources your Oracle Cloud ERP and data warehouses. We excel at offering you the latest data warehouse technologies in the cloud or on-premises.

Our qualified IT teams use analytical technologies and data warehousing tailored to the specific needs of your school.

Technologies such as Autonomous DataGuard, zerodowntime, Oracle Database In-Memory, zero-downtime scaling, spatial and graph capabilities, machine learning, and Oracle Multitenant help our team deliver rich insights in minimum time.

At Napa Analytics, we specialize in providing you the following resources.

Oracle HCM

We know the particularities and nuances that Public School Districts have about setting up and managing payroll. We can add intricacies to Oracle Cloud ERP due to our wealth of experience working with several school districts.

We tend to offer complete cloud solutions to help your school connect every resource process and people across your enterprise. Napa Analytics aims to create a connected community for your school where everyone feels heard and valued.

With Oracle Cloud HCM’s data model, seamless processes and infrastructure, and single user experience, we help your school redefine what best looks like for your people.

Oracle Financials

Provide your finance crew with better data to improve forecasting accuracy, simplify decision-making, shorten reporting cycles, and enhance management risk and compliance!

We have been working with a huge network of school districts to enable financials on Oracle Cloud. Utilizing Oracle Financials’ global platform, we not only can help your school connect but also automate your financial management processes, including receivables, fixed assets, payable, reporting, and expenses, for a clear picture of your financial health.

Our Experience

Providing premium quality services in IT and data-based technology, Cybersecurity, Data Integration, Application Development, and Cloud Services, Napa Analytics becomes your creative and innovative partner.

We are advantageously positioned with a highly competent team of professionals with a wide range of skill sets and years of experience to solve your technological demands of educational institutes.

We have been associated with Arlington County Public Schools for a long time. Our team has delivered quality cloud computing and data services to the network of schools and manages;

  • Oracle Data Warehouse and Reporting application
  • Oracle ERP Cloud migration – Our functional and technical resources are members of the technical team tasked to migrate Oracle ERP to Oracle Cloud.


What Do Our Clients Say about Us?

“It was excellent and handled quickly. They worked around my conference calls and quickly resolved the problem. Our school continues to be able to operate without interruption at a level that outperforms far larger businesses and budgets. Thanks to their pro-active solutions and outstanding support team.”

Jason SherryIT Director